Bagheria (Baaria in Sicilianu) is a town in the Province of Palermo in Sicily, Italy.

In 1658 Giuseppe Branciforti, Prince of Butera, a former Viceroy of Sicily retired here and built a large villa. In 1769 one of the Prince's descendants redesigned the former village into a well planned Baroque town, it immediately became a fashionable resort, and many villas in the popular Sicilian Baroque style were built.

Main sights
Villa Palagonia, renowned for its complex external staircase, curved façades, and marble. Designed by Tomasso Napoli, it is today open to the public. Other notable building include Villa Butera, Villa Valguarnera, Villa Trabia, Villa Cattolica, Villa Cuto, Villa Spedalotto, Villa San Cataldo, Villa Villarosa, Villa San Marco, Villa Filangeri, Villa Sant'Isidoro, Villa Ramacca, Villa Serradifalco, Villa Larderia, Villa Campofranco.

Bagheria was the birthplace of three well-known 20th century artists: Renato Guttuso and Nino Garajo, and of the film director Giuseppe Tornatore.