Giulianova is a coastal town in the province of Teramo, Abruzzo, Italy.

Near Giulianova is the site of the ancient city called Castrum Novum, which belonged to the Praetutii tribe before the Roman conquest. In the Middle Ages, the population of Castrum Novum, then called Castrum divi Flaviani, were transported to a new city situated at Giulianova.

The town is situated between the Salinello and the Tordino rivers in the northern portion of the Abruzzo region, in the province of Teramo. The town possesses two parts, the lido, or the more recently developed part by the beach, and the Paese or the original historic town up in the hills.

Giulianova's tourism takes a big part in the towns economy. The town beaches between the salinello river and the tordino are some of the best in the abruzzo region. The town boasts many beachfront hotels, many boasting a three-star plus ranking. The town is a summer retreat for people from large cities like Rome and Milan, as well as German and French tourists.

Casa Museo "V. Cermignani"
Museo d'Arte dello Splendore
Pinacoteca Civica "V. Bindi"
Sala "R. Pagliaccetti"

Famous Citizens
Giovan Girolamo II Acquaviva d'Aragona, (Giulianova, 1663 - Rome, 1709), man of arms
Vincenzo Bindi, (Giulianova, 1852 - Naples, 1928), historian
Gaetano Braga, (Giulianova, 1829 - Milan, 1907), violinist and composer
Gaetano Capone - Braga, (Giulianova, 1889 - Florence, 1956), philosopher
Raffaele Castorani, (Giulianova, 1819 - Naples, 1887), oculist
Angelo Antonio Cosimo De Bartolomei, (Giulianova, 1788 - Giulianova, 1862), archeologist
Orazio Delfico, (Giulianova, 1769 - Castagneto, 1842), naturalist
Stefano Ferrante, (Giulianova, 1722 - Atri, 1790), poet
Raffaello Pagliaccetti, (Giulianova, 1839 - Giulianova, 1900), sculptor

Other people who had lives/worked in Giulianova
Francesco Contaldi, (Popoli, 1865 - Sulmona, 1903), poet.
Vincenzo Comi, ( Torano Nuovo, 1765 - Giulianova, 1830), chemist
Dom (Domenico) Serafini, 1949- present. Editor-in-chief of the second largest international television magazine; VideoAge International. In the 2005-06 Italian parliament elections he candidated himself as representatve of Italians living in north America.